Being a distributor doesn’t make you logistics experts

We see a lot of companies who run a distribution business supplying products in their local area and the impression we get is that they feel they have ‘logistics expertise’.

To me that seems far from a logical conclusion. If your business is supplying perhaps 100-200 orders a day on your own vans you will have no logistics experience of note. Why should you?

You don’t have the pressure of a picking cycle that means you need warehouse management solutions.
You wont have any ways of determining that the vehicles you run are being used efficiently, if you have the van and the driver whats the point in monitoring it? You cant get rid of it after all.

Sure you know about receiving goods (from a small number of regular suppliers)
Maybe you have tried to make the warehouse more efficient (Arranged the fast movers nearer the pick face perhaps?)

None of these mean that you can compete with the real 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) companies or even the wholesalers with volume (Like VOW in stationery for example)

In our opinion its better to concentrate on the real reason why people use you or your products and realise that perhaps some other channel could deal with the logistics or if you feel the need to keep it in house, don’t try and use it as a selling point.