The catalogue is dying as a medium, multi channel is winning through

After watching the progress of many companies in the catalogue sector over the past few years it seems to me that they all now see their business model is changing.

Previously many businesses could survive with the market plan of creating a printed catalogue and then direct mailing it to a list of prospects but increasingly the net has started to fundementaly change the game for those businesses.

Now the bare minimum for these businesses is to have an online ecommerce channel and to thrive they need to change their entire sales focus onto this method as the best way to reach their market.

Its still true that the physical catalogue has its role but without a competitive and mature ecommerce offering they will slowly be passed by the newer more nimble startups.

Its also true that with the need to move online they often lack the experience to make that move a success and underestimate quite what a structural change that will be for them. The truly successful companies are reaching out to get the talent they need to deliver the changes required.